Privacy Policy, Disclaimer

Privacy Policy

We respect Your trust, which You place in Us while sharing Your Personal Information, and thereby We have this Privacy Policy for Your complete secure transaction. We assure You that We will be handling Your Personal Information with utmost care. In Our mission to provide better security to Our Users We at Al Khalili, collect and use information about You, Our Merchants, Customers, or anyone contacting Al Khalili support.


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to make You understand and describe:

a)  What data and Personal Information do We collect from You.

b) How We collect/store/process/secure/disclose or share such data and Personal Information in connection to Your use of Our Website, mobile applications, software, e-mail and other communication (Platform).

c) Whom do We share such data and Personal Information with;

d) How We protect Your data and Personal Information.

To use/view/access this Site/Platform You must be of age of majority as per the Applicable Law of Oman, Qatar and UAE. In case You are a person who is incompetent to contract as per the Applicable Law of Oman, Qatar and UAE, it shall be presumed that Your use/view/assess to this Site/Platform is under the supervision of legal guardian who is capable of understanding and agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and who shall be unconditionally liable in case of a violation/non-observance by You of the terms of this Privacy Policy. 

This Privacy Policy shall be applicable to all and any User (defined herein below), Customer(s) (defined herein below) who accesses/views/uses this Site/Website/Platform for any purpose whatsoever.  So please make sure You review the terms of this Privacy Policy before You access/view/use Our Site/Website/Platform (Online Portal). This Privacy Policy shall be applicable whether You access/view/use this Site/Platform directly or through any Third-Party website/portal/platform.

Further, Al Khalili reserves the right to change, amend and modify the Privacy Policy, at any time, by posting a notification of the same in the Website. It shall be Your responsibility to keep a check on Our Website, Privacy Policy and rules on a periodical basis.


Al Khalili’, ‘Us’, ‘We’, or ‘Our’ refers to Al Khalili, along with its directors, legal heirs, administrators, representatives, agents, personnel, employees and assigns.

You’, ‘Your(s)’, and ‘User(s)’ here refers to any individual viewing, accessing and Using the Website as well as Data Subject.

‘Customer(s)’ shall mean any Person using the Services/Products (as defined herein) of Al Khalili offered through the Website/Mobile Application or otherwise and shall include without limitation Data Subject.

“Person(s)” means and includes any natural or legal person including without limitation to Company, Limited Liability Partnership, partnership firm, Trust, sole proprietorship, Association of Persons etc.

Data Subject(s)’ shall mean any Person(s) whose Personal Data/Personal Information is being collected and/or used by Al Khalili

‘Party/Parties’ User(s)/Customer(s) and Al Khalili shall be individually referred to as Party and together referred to as Parties herein specifically and throughout the Contract generally.

‘Minor’ shall be a Person who is not of the age of majority as per the Applicable Law.

‘Privacy Policy/Policy’ shall mean and include these presents.

‘Website Terms’ shall mean and include the terms and conditions or terms of service available at that govern the Website and shall apply to Users, Customers viewing, accessing/using the Website.

Site/ Website/ Platform/ Online Portal(s)  here refers to the Website of the Company: and shall also include without limitation any of its other websites and/or wherever the context justifies, Mobile Application (also referred to as “App”)/ mobile sites/software applications and/or other online portal(s)/platform(s) through which Company offers its Services/Products.

 ‘Third Party(ies)’ refers to any individual or legal entity who is not a party to this Privacy Policy and/or Website Terms.


Personal Data/Personal Information’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural Person (‘Data Subject’);

Data Subject(s)’ shall mean any Person whose Personal Data/Personal Information is being collected by Al Khalili.

‘Data Controller’ shall mean and include any Person who collects/controls/ the Personal Data and shall have such meaning as may be assigned to this term under Applicable Data Protection Law of Oman, Qatar or UAE respectively, as the case may be.

‘Data Processor’ shall mean and include any Person who processes Personal Data and shall have such meaning as may be assigned to this term under Applicable Data Protection Law of Oman, Qatar or UAE respectively, as the case may be and may include without limitation the Data Controller.


Cookies’ means small text file that the Website places on the device of the User, while browsing the Site.

Personal Information/Personal Data’ means Personally Identifiable Information, any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, who can be identified, including but not limited to name, job profile, e-mail address, phone number, business address, location, social media links, which is or was publicly available and is collected and retained by the Al Khalili.

‘Services’ shall mean a variety of service offerings over the Website/Websites/ Mobile applications and other software made available by Company, for conditional use for the specific purposes by its Customers/ Users/prospective Customers.


‘Product(s)’ means the equipment, parts, materials, supplies and other goods manufactured and supplied by Al- Khalili.

‘Contract/Agreement’ shall mean and include Website Terms, Privacy Policy and EULA (in so far as Mobile Application is concerned.

‘Consent of the Data Subject means any freely given, informed and implied or express indication of the Data Subject's wishes by which he or she, by a statement or by a clear affirmative action or by silence, signifies agreement to the processing/transmitting of Personal Data relating to him or her and shall be subject to mandates of Applicable Data Protection Law.

Provided however, that consent also includes implied consent implied by silence/no reply by Person whose data or data relating to whom is being gathered, where such a consent is not expressly prohibited by Applicable Data Protection Law.


‘Mobile Application/Application/ App” shall mean and include ‘Al Khalili’ mobile/ tablet/ web application which is available for download from the Authorized Source (as defined hereunder).


‘Authorized Source’ shall mean the source or the website from where the downloading/installing of the App is expressly permitted by Al Khalili by defining on Our Website/Platform/Online Portal(s).


‘Force Majeure’ means and includes any Vis Major and also any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the party hereto, including without limitation, the following: any act of nature or the public enemy, accident, explosion, fire, storm, earthquake, flood, drought, perils of the sea, the elements, insect/snake bite, casualty, strikes, lock-outs, labour troubles, riots, sabotage, embargo, war (whether or not declared), governmental laws, regulations, orders, or decrees, unavailability of raw material, pandemic, ransomware attack or seizure.

Applicable Law’ shall mean any applicable and relevant law, statute, rule, regulation, ordinances, treaty, judicial precedent, order, judgment, decree, injunction, permit or decision of the government, court or other legislative body, having jurisdiction over or otherwise governing these presents, as may be in force from time to time, without regard to conflict of law principles.

Applicable Data Protection Law’ shall mean any mandatorily applicable and relevant law, statute, rule, regulation, ordinance, treaty, judicial precedent, order, decree, judgment, injunction, permit or decisions of the government, decisions of the court or equivalent for having the effect of law in Oman, Qatar and UAE, as the case may be, and applicable international law, as may be in force time to time.

‘Al Khalili’ For the purposes of this Agreement and Website Terms ‘Al Khalili’ shall mean and include group of companies namely:

Al Khalili United Enterprises llc, having registered number 1024353



This Privacy Policy covers information We collect from You through Our Website/Platform/Online Portal(s). We collect information relevant to Your use of Our Website/Platform. This information may include without limitation Personally Identifiable Information (i.e., information that can be used to identify You) but also "Non-Personal Information" (i.e., information that cannot be used to identify You). Personal Identifiable Information includes name, address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card number, debit card number or details of other payment instruments, etc. Non-Personal Information includes IP address, URLs, operating system and browser software used by You. We may collect, use and disclose such Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Our Website Terms, as permitted or required by law.

We can gather this information whenever You interact with Us, such as including but not limited to, When You register Your personal account with Us; When You choose to buy/make a purchase using the Site as a platform, When You transact with Us; When You choose to post any feedback or send Us any email or try to interact in any other manner.


When You interact on Our Platform and/or use Our Services/Site/mobile application etc., We automatically collect the following information about You:

a)    Device Information

We collect device-specific information including but not limited to operating system version, unique identifiers, user preferences to be later integrated as a part of IOT  or otherwise, etc.

b)    Location Information

Depending on Your use of Our Platform or use of Our Services, We automatically collect and process information about Your actual location. We use various technologies to determine location, including but not limited to IP address, GPS, Wi- Fi access points and mobile towers.



c)    Client and Log data

Technical details, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address of Your device, time zone and operating system, We will also store Your login information (including but not limited to registration date, date of last password change, date of last successful login), type and version of Your browser.

d)   Contacts list

When You start using Our Website/Platform, You may be asked whether You want to allow Us to access Your contacts list. If You click “yes”, We can access and store names and contact information from Your contact list and can use this information to facilitate invitations and social interactions that You initiate through Our Website/Platform and for other purposes described in this Privacy Policy or at the time of consent of collection. If You click “no”, We will take reasonable steps attempting to avoid access to Your contacts list and unless the Applicable Law mandates, we do not guarantee that we will not be using the same.



The main purpose of collecting information is to make Your experience better with Us. By this information, We also from time to time update Our Site and always try to meet the demand of Users. We also Use this information to do internal research on Your demographics, interests, and behavior to better understand and serve You. This also helps Us to improve Our product as per Your change in taste and preferences. Further, We also collect this information to detect and, protect You and Our Site from any fraudulent activities, and offer You the best Services.


Al Khalili takes some precautions to try to protect Your Personal Data both online and offline and to try to keep Personal Data accurate, current, complete, and reliable for its intended use. We use various security technologies and procedures to help protect Your Personal Data/ Information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. We monitor every activity of Yours, which takes place in Our Site. We adhere to highest security policy for which We suggest that Your password should contain the alphabets, numeric characters and symbols and, should not be shared with anyone. Our security measures ensure that Your information under Our control should be away from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, alteration and destruction. We also safeguard all Your financial information that You Use for Your online payments. We offer You a secure server whenever You accesses Our Website.

Further Al Khalili will only retain Your Personal Data for as long as required for the relevant purpose.



The security of Your Personal Data/Personal Information is important to Us and We are committed to protecting the information You provide Us. We have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures such as ‘end-to-end encryption’ (where Applicable Law or Applicable Data Protection Law requires so) method by means of ciphering or other methods to protect the Personal Data/Personal Information which We have under Our control, in accordance with the Applicable Law and Applicable Data Protection Law. The security measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

You should be aware that no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally/100% secure. Although We strive to protect such information, We do not guarantee the security of any information that You transmit to Us over the internet and You do so at Your own risk.



Al Khalili does not knowingly collect nor use sensitive Personal Data that reveals racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership. Al Khalili does not collect or use Personal Data belonging to pets or bots yet, until further notice. 

Provided however Al Khalili may in future deal with information related to bots/humanoid robots as and when there are social media accounts legally allowed to be created by their identity and in so far as the then Applicable Data Protection Law and/or Applicable Law does not prohibit dealing with their data as such.



Al Khalili may collect and/or use Personal Data of Data Subject for direct marketing. Further, in future if Al Khalili involves in any such marketing (whether solicited or unsolicited) of Personal Data of Data Subject, We shall notify You before collecting and/or using data for any such direct marketing purpose and shall strictly comply to the Applicable Law and the Applicable Data Protection Law.



Notwithstanding anything herein contained and in so far as Applicable Law and Applicable Data Protection Law does not expressly prohibit it, it is also hereby declared that in case of any cybercrime/data leak/ hacking or other such event which is not in Our Control, Al Khalili shall not be responsible or liable for any claims by You anyone acting through/for You, if such an event has not directly happened due to anything done by Al Khalili  or its employees on purpose. Moreover, Al Khalili shall not be responsible for any act/omission of its ex-employees. You agree to indemnify and keep Al Khalili indemnified for any such claim/liability and resultant expenses/costs/compensation that Al Khalili has to bear. If You do not agree to these Website Terms, please communicate Your objection with reasons to the address (as provided in the clause ‘Contact Us’ of this Privacy Policy) and stop using this Website/Platform and any of Our Services with immediate effect. In so far as Your usage of Site before such cessation followed by objection is concerned, You shall be deemed to have agreed to these presents and Website Terms. Any Personal Data that You may have obtained through database, You have to delete it and send a certificate of deletion to Al Khalili. In the event You fail to do so then the aforementioned indemnity clause becomes ipso facto applicable to You.



In case the performance of any terms or provisions hereof shall be delayed or prevented because of an event of Force Majeure, the affected Party may, at its option, suspend performance during the period such cause continues, and no liability shall attach against either Party on account thereof. Any Party suffering an event of Force Majeure shall diligently attempt to remove such cause or causes with reasonable dispatch. As soon as any event of Force Majeure is remedied, the Parties' respective rights, obligations and performance as set forth in this Agreement shall be immediately reinstated.



You also enjoy certain rights in relation to Your Personal Information, subject to the Applicable Law and Applicable Data Protection Law.

Ø  Al Khalili maintains a transparent relation with its Users. We always try to keep you informed as to what We do with Your Personal Information.

Ø  We provide Our Website to be available to all and any User who is interested to take Our Services. Therefore, it is Your right to have access of the Site at any time, in relation to Your Personal Information being shared with Us.

Ø  You can make changes to Your Personal Information at any time, subject to the Applicable Law. If You face any difficulty while changing Your Personal Information, You can request Us to make the relevant specific changes. In addition, if We hold any Personal Information about You which is incomplete or incorrect, You always have the right to request Us to rectify that Personal Information.

Ø  You have the right to request that We delete Your Personal Information from Our database within 60(sixty) days from the date of such request by You.

Ø  You can at any time, withdraw Your consent from sharing Your Personal Information with Us. Al Khalili will then there stop processing Your Personal Information further.


We Use Our own and Third-Party Cookies to improve Your shopping and browsing experience and to allow the Site to recognize You, as You move from one page to another. These Cookies are piece of data stored in User’s Web browser or server. Cookies may be used to collect the date and time of Your visit, Your browsing history, Your preferences, and Your username. If You disable or refuse cookies, please note that some parts of Our Services/Platform may become inaccessible or not function properly


We may share and disclose Your Personal Information with Third Party in following cases as well. We disclose this Personal Information only after receiving explicit consent from You. We may disclose Your Personal Information to the extent that We are required to do so, i) by law, to comply with lawful requests, warrants, court order(s), subpoenas, search warrants or other law enforcement requirements; ii) in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceeding and to establish, exercise or defend Our legal rights; iii) if We reasonably believe that You have violated any Applicable Law or Privacy Policy or Website Terms; iv) as We deem necessary to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, prevent fraud and/or enforce Applicable Law.


This Privacy Policy does not apply, when Our Site has/gets links to Third Party website(s)/portal(s) and collects any Personal Information about You. In this case, You acknowledge that these websites collecting Personal Information of Yours is not protected by Us. Al Khalili will not responsible if these parties collects Yours Personal Information to their database, and further shares with any other entity. Therefore, We request You to read their policy/ies separately.


You shall have the right to opt-out of having Your Personal Information used for advertisements, newsletters, promotional purposes and other purposes not directly related to the Services provided by Us and/or its business associates/service partners/ affiliates/ vendors. We and/or related service partners/vendors/business associates/affiliates will continue to send You transactional and related e-mails, messages and communication about Your requests for availing Our services, account use and updates/changes therein on Our Website. You may exercise Your right to withdraw consent for accessing/ storing/ processing of Your Personal Information by contacting us (as detailed in clause ‘Contact Us’ in this Privacy Policy. When a User exercises his/her right to withdraw consent to the User’s Personal Information stored with Us, all of the Personal Information shall not be used after such consent is withdrawn and may be deleted subject to the provisions of Applicable Law and Applicable Data Protection Law. On withdrawal of consent by the User, We shall not send newsletters, advertisements, marketing notifications to the User and if required under Applicable Law and Applicable Data Protection Law, We will inform Third Party(ies) with whom We might have shared Your Personal Information to delete Your Personal Information. However, we shall not be responsible for any non-compliance or misuse or continued usage by such Third Party (ies) in relation to Your Personal Information.



Al Khalili intends to comply with the Applicable Law. As such, Al Khalili only processes Personal Data/Personal Information of Data Subject and/or User where it has a lawful basis to do so, which may include the Consent of the Data Subject, performance of a contract, compliance with a legal obligation, or the legitimate interest of Al Khalili or a Third Party. Al Khalili provides notice to all Data Subject(s) and/or User(s) regarding Personal Information as required by Applicable Law, as appropriate, and honors the rights of Data Subject(s) and/or User(s) provided including the right to be forgotten.



Applicable Data Protection Law will only be adhered to where compliance with those laws is mandated or where these laws are applicable to either party in such a manner that its applicability to transaction(s) in question is compulsory and unquestionable, not otherwise.



User acknowledges and agrees that We take every measure for having in place the appropriate privacy and security measures for securing Your Personal Data. You as Data Subject and/or User agree and understand that neither Al Khalili, nor its administrators, sister concerns, subsidiaries, representatives, associates, affiliates or assigns shall be held liable for any loss/damage/harm/ injury caused to You or any Third Party due to sharing of the aforesaid Personal Information or due to any breach or other perils such as hacking, phishing, to the aforesaid Personal Information. Provided further and notwithstanding anything contained in Our Website Terms and Privacy Policy (these presents) [for User(s) who are not/not yet Customers], You as User/Customer/Data Subject hereby unconditionally agree that Al Khalili shall not be liable / for any claim made by any Person in or from any other Country based on a cause of action, beyond what is mandated by the Applicable Law and Applicable Data Protection Law in its literal and strict interpretation.



In the event of any claims/disputes arising pursuant to this Privacy Policy, such dispute shall be referred to and finally settled by the applicable arbitration law in Oman (Royal Decree No. 47/97 The Law of Arbitration in Civil and Commercial Arbitration).  The venue for arbitration will be Oman and the preferred language for arbitration shall be English. Both the Parties shall appoint an arbitrator with mutual consent. If the Parties fail to appoint an arbitrator, then each Party shall nominate an arbitrator and such nominated arbitrators shall appoint a (3rd) third arbitrator to form a three-member arbitral tribunal (Arbitral Tribunal) (Please refer to Annexure A). Where a Party fails to appoint its arbitrator within a period of 30 (thirty) days, from the date of request from the other Party OR on failure on part of such nominated arbitrators to appoint a (3rd) third arbitrator within 30 (thirty) days from the date of their nomination, the president of the commercial court shall appoint an arbitrator for any of the Parties or nominate such (3rd) arbitrator on request of any of the Parties. The award of the arbitrator(s) shall be final and binding on the Parties. The costs of arbitration shall be borne by both the Parties. In case of such dispute/ difference of opinion not having finally resolved by way of arbitration as aforementioned, the commercial courts in Oman shall have jurisdiction to resolve such disputes.



In case of conflict between the provision of the Website Terms and this Privacy Policy:

(a)  The terms of this Privacy Policy shall prevail in cases where the subject matter of dispute or conflict relates to Privacy Policy and Personal Information;

(b)  The Website Terms shall prevail in cases where the matter of such dispute or conflict relates to the terms of usage of / of the content other than those mentioned in this Privacy Policy of the Website.


If You need any more information on Our Privacy Policy or have any complaint, feedback, query, request or suggestion, You can reach us out:


Phone Number: +96822035000 | +96899376481








As per the relevant provisions of Royal Decree No. 64 of 2020 as may fall under the definition of the Applicable Law and/or Applicable Data Protection Law;

Oman Information Technology Authority ('ITA') 2017;

Cyber Crime Law (Royal Decree No. 12 of 2011);

Electronic Transactions Law (Royal Decree No. 69 of 2008);

Omani Law of Arbitration in Civil and Commercial disputes- Royal Decree 47.97;

Read with such other laws as fall under the definition of Applicable Law and Applicable Data Protection Law.



 Article 15

 1. The arbitration board shall be constituted, on the basis of an agreement between the parties, with one or more arbitrators. In case, the parties fail to arrive at an understanding with regard to the number of arbitrators, the number shall be three.

2. In case, the arbitrators are multiple in number, their number shall have to be uneven, otherwise the arbitration shall be treated as invalid.

Any other specific Applicable Law and/or Applicable Data Protection Law in Oman shall be deemed to be ipso facto applicable only if the act/omission of the Parties herein unquestionably mandates the applicability and enforceability of such law as aforesaid and in such a case such laws shall be read with this Privacy Policy and Website Terms, as a part of this Annexure A.


The Data Controller/Processor shall have such obligations, if any, as may be mandatorily applicable as per aforesaid law and/or any other Applicable Data Protection Law of Oman. 

Email Disclaimer


[Disclaimer cum Declaration:

This declaration cum disclaimer is supplementary to the “Website Terms’’ and “Privacy Policy” on Our Website.

Know all persons by these presents that We hereby declare that Al Khalili (as defined herein) is a diversified and dynamic business house with a strong corporate philosophy, which facilitates /provide its Customers(s) with wide range of Product(s) and Service(s). We urge all Our Data Subjects to stay in touch with Us to know what is being done with their data and they have right to withdraw their consent to the processing of the data collected by Us in so far as the data is being processed by Us and subject to the lex loci conferring such a right on the Data Subject. Any information or data contained herein is not meant to taunt or affect religious beliefs, hurt sentiments or otherwise affect public peace and order and any such effect/impact is purely co-incidental or accidental and not intentional and We disclaim any liability for same.

We expressly disclaim any liability, responsibility or obligation, implied or express, either monetary or otherwise, either direct, proximate or remote, punitive, consequential or indirect including without limitation to liability for potential losses/predicted losses or injuria and the recipient(s) of this mail, whether intended, authorised or accidental, expressly waive any such right, claim, privilege or power which they have or is/are likely to have against the sender, Al Khalili.

Moreover, the information contained in this communication is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed or who/which is otherwise expressed to be the authorised recipient and others authorized to receive it. This communication may contain confidential or legally privileged information. If You are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or action relying on the contents is prohibited and shall be unlawful and subject to Your legal liability including criminal prosecution. So, You are required to delete the same immediately and notify Us accordingly. Also, if You have received this communication in error or if You or Your employer/guardian does not consent to the electronic mail/messages of this kind, please notify Us immediately by responding to this email and then delete it from Your system. No liability is accepted for any harm that may be caused to Your system/s or data by this message. You, as recipient, shall and hereby agree to indemnify, keep indemnified and hold harmless, well and sufficiently saved, the sender of this mail (includes auto generated newsletters, advertisements, updates etc.), Al Khalili and any  employee(s) and/or representative(s) of Al Khalili for any damage/loss/legal injury caused or likely to be caused to any or all of them, due to accessing of this mail by You or any person/entity who/which is other than the one authorized to access it whether directly or indirectly connected to You, whether such damage/loss/legal injury is caused directly or indirectly through act/omission of such person/entity or any one claiming through/under or in trust for such person/entity/You. Moreover, the sender shall not be responsible for any loss/damage/legal injury caused or likely to be caused to the recipient person/entity who/which, not being authorized to receive this communication, receives and acts upon it.

Please note: the word Data Subject(s) may ipso facto mean the addressee(s) or authorised recipient(s) of this mail, when the context so warrants or requires and has been referred to as ‘User’ on Our Website. The words addressee(s) or recipient(s) herein may also be applicable ipso facto to the client(s) of Al Khalili wherever the context warrants or requires. Nothing in this mail content or attachment hereto shall amount to an admission and/or acknowledgement and/or promise and/or estoppel and/or representation of any kind whatsoever].



The information contained in this Website is for general information purposes only. While We endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the Website or the information, Products, Services, or related graphics contained on the Website for any purpose. Any reliance You place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will Al Khalili be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this Website or Product(s)/Service(s) sold on Online Portal.

Through this Website/Mobile Application, You are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of Al Khalili. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

Every effort is made to keep the Website up and running smoothly. However, Al Khalili takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the Website being temporarily unavailable/downtime due to technical issues beyond Our control. Moreover, in so far as the Product(s)/Service(s) posted on Online Portal are being sold by Person other than Al Khalili, the said Online Portal is mere a platform and Al Khalili has made available this facility as a mere facilitator and hereby disclaims any and all liability for any loss/damage/injury or likelihood of the same to the End-User/User who orders and/or uses the Product(s)/Service(s) which are posted by Person(s) other than Al Khalili. For further disclaimers/limitation of liability clauses, please read Website Terms, Privacy Policy and EULA before You place order as User/End-User.

Further the images are for representational purposes only. 

Any content herein is not intended to be an acknowledgment, admission, promise and/or estoppel and We disclaim any liability for the same and for the consequences of any act/omission by User in furtherance of the same. The content is representational only and is not intended to hurt any religious or other sentiments.